Internet Browsers – Firefox And Chrome Alternatives

Internet Browsers – Firefox And Chrome Alternatives

Find out the best internet browsers in the market! A detailed review for the top software choices for surfing the web.

Today we will talk browsers – Internet Browsers, meaning the kind of software available with the purpose to handle HTML pages and surf the worldwide web.

Selecting among web browsing options is totally different from selecting an operating system. Once you go Windows, you are stuck with it and it affects all the other choices of software you will make in the future.

On the other hand, switching between browsers is not a hard or jarring procedure. You could be downloading any browser within only few moments and you would be running it at once, without even needing a system reboot.

How about more than one internet browser?

Actually, you can also maintain more than one internet browsers installed at any given time, and try either or all of them even at the same time. They are not mutually exclusive.

Regardless of their resources and speed performance, the right browser is the one that feels right for you. It should be able to cover all your needs when it comes to speed, compatibility with websites you visit often as well as resources consumption. If you have more than one internet browsers, the default will be the one with these characteristics.

For many years the options the users had were limited – Internet Explorer for Windows systems, Netscape, and Safari for MACs.

With the extreme spread of internet usage around the Globe, serious competitors showed up and stole the largest piece of the pie.

The most prominent internet browsers today, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are the strongest available options for users. In fact, Chrome has showed up to own the crown as of 2018, with a 68% as opposed to almost 12% for Firefox, according to W3Schools.

Needless to say, Chrome has managed to maintain a severe popularity by being the child of Google, a computer colossus with presence all around the world and undisputedly the largest company in the planet.

Firefox and Chrome – why bother for more?

Depending on your browsing habits, you might be better off with another browser. Chrome is well known to be a resource hog, especially with RAM. If your system has enough resources, Chrome will work best – but if you use an even slightly outdated system, you should be checking for alternatives. Especially if you tend to keep many browsing tabs open at all times.

Can your alternative be the big competitor, Firefox?

The answer here would be Possibly. Even with the latest web engine, Quantum, which allows for multi-core usage and a CSS engine to minimize power utilization, Firefox is not much lighter than Chrome. When it comes to comparing the 2 major internet browsers, you would find them almost same; at least when it comes to loading speed and add-ons compatibility. Firefox on the other hand might be slightly less resources hungry, but the difference is rather minimal; only power users would notice it.

So, What Else Is There?

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