Top USB Flash Drives For 2019 – Detailed Guide

Top USB Flash Drives For 2019 – Detailed Guide

Are you looking for a new USB flash key? We reviewed the top USB flash drives and provide you with a list to choose among!

Since you landed here, we assume you are looking for a list with the top USB flash drives for the year that just started, right?

The technology that is related to optical media and data storage and transmission through the USB port has evolved significantly throughout the years. It only seems like yesterday when I first got my 64 MB QDI USB flash drive for a price that killed all my pocket money (imagine, that flash drive still works!).

Nowadays, we can find inexpensive USB keys which combine small size and very high capacities. The size can often be so small that they are hard to find if you have misplaced them; the storage capacities are in the regions of several GBs. Moreover, modern USB flash drives come with amazingly improved data transmission and security characteristics.

What should I be looking for?

If you are to get a USB flash drive now, it should support the USB 3.0 protocol. This is the most important requirement you need to fulfill, but the rest will be relative to your own personal needs:

How much capacity should the USB key have?

Do you carry with you movies, high quality images, or full backups of your computer system? If yes, you need the highest storage capacity flash drive you can afford. Luckily you can find some great choices later on on this top USB key list.

Do you deal with sensitive business data or personal files you cannot afford others to see?

You need a flash drive with fingerprint sensor or password protection features.

Are you a person who tends not to take the best care of devices like this?

You can choose among plastic or metal USB flash drives, with waterproof and shockproof protection to make sure the device is kept safe from physical harm. Many manufacturers offer very rugged designs that can withstand even your clumsiest moments! Read on for some excellent options in this top USB flash drives list.

Do you need high transmission speed?

All USB 3.0 flash drives are in theory fast in data transmission, but some of them are actually faster than the others. Our guide will help you decide!

And since we mentioned high transmission speed – have you invested in a solid state drive (SSD)? They offer a significant performance boost in gaming, image processing and everything you do every single day! We have created a list with the top affordable SSDs for 2019; see it here.

Show me the Top USB Keys for 2019!

As we start with our list, let us note here that the order of placement is insignificant. We cannot recommend you the best USB flash drive, because only you know the exact features you need.

The Top USB Flash Drives for 2019

SanDisk Cruzer Fit Low-Profile Flash Drive, 32GB

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Sandisk Cruzer Fit.

A great product in the very popular Cruzer line, this drive offers sufficient storage space for your music and movies collection. It also occupies a minimum space. Its size is virtually same as the USB connector, making it perfect for cars media players – it will not protrude much from the surface of the media player. It also features secure access software to eliminate possibility of data loss. Being very inexpensive, you can opt to select the 64 GB version instead for extra storage space.

SanDisk SDCZ880-128G-G46 Extreme PRO 128GB USB 3.1

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Sandisk Extreme.

With aluminium design it looks cool, but what makes this flash drive an excellent choice is the huge capacity – at 128GB you can fit thousands of songs and files and many movies. That much storage space will keep you going for months without erasing data. It also boasts on super-fast data transfer of up to 260Mbs read speed and 240Mbs write speed, data encryption and password security software.

Transcend 64GB JetFlash 710 USB 3.1/3.0

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Transcend Jetflash.

Not as fast as the SanDisk Extreme Pro, this Transcend comes with lower price; it also has smaller storage space. Still, 64GB is plenty of storage, and it can achieve up to 90MbBs read and 24MB/s write speed. Its design is stylish, featuring a quality metallic casing and an ultra-small form factor.

Corsair Flash Voyager Slider X1 64GB USB 3.0

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Corsair Flash Voyager,

This flash drive features a retractable design that allows for safer transfer and a nice design. This Corsair is a standard reliable option for trouble-free data transfers at all times. 5 years warranty is included.

Kingston Digital 64 GB DataTraveler SE9 G2 USB 3.0

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Kingston DataTraveler SE9.

When you see Kingston, you expect quality and reliability, and these are only parts of the deal you get with the SE9 G2. Built to look sleek and modern, it also has a very sturdy key rings so that you can attach it to your keychain. With a metallic structure and ultra-small form factor, this USB flash drive can be a choice that will accommodate all your data needs. Very inexpensive, too.

PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB 200MB/sec USB 3.0

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - PNY Elite-X.

This tiny USB flash drive features 64GB of storage capacity and up to 250 MB/s read speeds. It has a plastic casing, but looks great due to a “perforated” style on the other side of the USB connector. A decent choice by a trusted manufacturer of USB flash drives – some of which consistently rank among the top USB keys in the market.

SanDisk 128GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Sandisk Ultra Fit.

Ultra-small form factor, thumb-sized, this SanDisk has plenty of space for movies, music and other files. Also, due to its small size it can remain connected always for convenience. The read speeds reaches a maximum of 130 MB/s and allows for private files to stay away from unauthorized access. SanDisk Secure Access software is included.

Handmade 64GB ORANGE Pentode Radio Tube USB

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Custom Made Sandisk Pentode USB

We decided to add an unconventional choice of a USB flash drive; however we simply could not resist the style of this handmade drive. It features a reliable SanDisk USB 3.0 flash drive in it but also incorporates an amazing radio vacuum tube, made in USSR in 1981. For those who love rustic, industrial designs, this combination of functionality and copper is a must-have. It comes with a handmade wooden base. It might not be suitable for every day usage, but it makes up with its style!

Avomoco USB 3.0 128GB 4 in 1

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Avomoco 4 in 1

For those users who have a Windows desktop system or laptop, an Android phone as well as iPhone or iPad – this flash drive from Avomoco offers the strongest compatibility with all these platforms by incorporating 4 different connectors: Standard USB 3.0, USB Micro, Lightning and USB-C! With 128GB storage space it can fit all your music and several movies, but compatibility does have its downside – this might not be the most portable flash drive in this list.

Special Edition Cryptex USB Flash Drive 64 GB

Top USB flash drives for 2019 - Special Edition Cryptex

A 64 GB capacity USB flash drive with a particularly powerful design; it features an one of a kind mechanical combination lock with rotating rings with letters and digits. Cryptex can only be accessed and used by those who know the password! It has sturdy metal structure with a touch of velvet through the pouch which is included – this Cryptex drive might not be for everyone due to its increased weight, 4.96 ounces.

Final word

These are the USB flash drives that we have carefully picked up for a review, and each of them has its downsides and upsides. You need to first determine what your needs are, to find out the best option for you.

If we were allowed to post here our personal choice, we would take the liberty to buy 2 flash drives from the list:

The main USB flash drive handling our everyday media needs will be SanDisk SDCZ880-128G-G46 Extreme PRO, due to its large size and the fact that it is the fastest in data transfer when compared to all the others. It actually is one of the most reliable and fastest USB flash drives at this time!

And the second USB flash drive we would buy for its design alone would be the handmade SanDisk with the integrated radio vacuum tube – since we love dealing with electronic projects, a flash drive with a vacuum tube is simply amazing!

What do you think? Which USB flash drive would you choose from this list? Please share with us your comments and feedback.

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