The Host that powers us!

NitroTech is proudly hosted with Interserver.

With more than 19 years of experience in web hosting (founded in 1999), Interserver specializes in shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting solutions. VPS hosting boasts the most options, with 16 different tiers of plans to choose from. InterServer also hosts on both Linux and Windows servers, giving customers even more choices. Their data centers are in New Jersey, USA, but they are also in the process of creating more.

Particularly for web hosting, Interserver offers a budget-friendly plan that includes unlimited domains, websites, e-mail addresses, databases, traffic and storage! And, as all their plans, it comes with Price Lock – you will always pay the same amount you paid when you signed up, even a decade after!

We have been given a coupon code for our readers – try out Interserver by paying only $0.01 the first month! Just type the coupon code androidoffer in checkout.

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