Country Music Apps For Fans Of Country

Country Music Apps For Fans Of Country

Do you like listening to country music? If yes, then you definitely need to check these country music apps for your phone!

With this article we are starting a series of app recommendations posts for particular musical genres. This will be a list with recommended country music apps.

Our aim is to provide our readers who also happen to be fans of different kinds of music with recommended, high quality Android apps, directly from Google Play.

We are going to target apps for country music from USA – we will not only include apps that focus on old-style bluegrass or rockabilly and country, but also to modern country music. Most of the apps will be radio apps that play country music, but there will be apps that have country music news and more!

This list will not be like other, similar lists online. We do not want to only recommend apps that look good, because looks can often be deceiving. Instead, we will include apps that might lack in design, but they make up for it with a wealth of content, regular updates and are free.

Please keep in mind that the following list is not in any order of significance. We also need to note that the images are taken from the store listing of the respective app.

Music Country

Country music apps - Country Music.

This is a good option for listening to country music radios. It does lack in style and has not been updated for years, but it has millions of downloads and generally favorable reviews.

True Country Music

Country music apps - True Country Music

A very stylish Android app for country radios, it includes more than 30 working stations and provides high quality audio streams. It is worth a try, even if it is a relatively new app without many downloads yet.

Country Music Karaoke

Country music apps - Country Music Karaoke

This app is a little different, since it does not offer live country radio, but particular country songs with a karaoke system. You can sing along the music while reading the lyrics on top of the player bar. With a recent update, particular issues were fixed but the main problem is there are not many songs added. Still it is worth a try!

Country Ringtones 2019

Country music apps - Country Ringtones 2019.

If you are in a hunt for cool ringtones and you are a fan of country music, in this app you can choose among many different available ringtones for download. The design is simple yet elegant, and the functionality is great. It would be perfect if it had even more ringtones, but at the moment there surely is enough content.

Country Music Full

Country music apps - Country Music Full

Recently updated with new stations, this app provides you with a wide list of country radio stations, the majority of which are from Southern USA. It supports Android versions starting at 4.1, so if you are stuck with a very old device, this app will not be able to install.

Country Music Radio

Country music apps - Country Music Radio

Another radio app featuring stations for old and modern country music. It was previously named Country Music Forever Radio in Google Play Store. A decent choice – all stations include a logo and come with media information display.

USA Country Radio

Country music apps - USA Country Radio

The most beautiful app in our list, USA Country Radio has Material Design with very fancy background images and a design that screams “country music”. Many stations from USA, with a mix of old styled country as well as contemporary. Occasionally you might come across some bluegrass and gospel music as well.

The Country Music Radio

Country music apps - The Country Music Radio

Another country music radio app, suitable for any device above 4.1. It also features Material Design with a custom drawer at the left side.

Country Music Now

Country music apps - Country Music Now

Radio stations, video and news related to your favorite music. An all-in-one country app which would be a no-brainer, if it did not have some small quirks in its behavior, such as relatively frequent crashes and missing content at times. The news load automatically through the integrated RSS feeds – that is a really nice feature.

What is your opinion?

Have you tried any of these apps? If yes, do share your feedback and comments. Have we missed an important app for country music?

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